Welcome to Cool Rockets!  The Cool Rockets line is a collection of vintage-y,  cartoon-y, retro-y rocket ship replicas.  I’ve designed and built these models over years of working in the movie/special-effects business, and being surrounded by all kinds of inspirational  art and invention.  Starting with three rockets, the collection grew to eleven different styles.  Now we’re introducing the Buck Rogers Series, a licensed series of spaceships from the original “Buck Rogers and the 25th Century” comic strips and books from the 1930’s-1940’s.  This series consists of limited edition pieces (limited to 1000 each style) that are the most  detailed, high-quality replicas of these ships that I know of. Each one ships in it’s own molded styrofoam protective packing, and includes a “number in series” card.  These ships are unique because they were conceived at a time before space travel was a reality.  Some have birdlike wings alongside a rocket engine, or strange looking “flippers” beneath an otherwise streamlined ship.

After checking out the new Cool Rockets and Buck Rogers and the 25th Century lines on our store pages, take a look at the Gallery page where we show various rockets I’ve made for customers over the years.  And on the “Custom Work” page you’ll see some of the larger scale pieces we’ve done for building lobbies, store and restaurant decorations, and corporate promotion and advertising.  I work closely with each client to meet their needs as far as display methods, color schemes, and logo/graphics that are required.